Most people know about speed cheats simply because some moron has used one in a game. You can see why its called a speed cheat, the moron races around the map at twice to ten times the normal speed. This is in itself annoying but there is an aspect that few people know about speed cheats that s far more detrimental to players who play on skill alone. Some of the cheat programs used for speeding have the ability to to increase the speed only slightly, so little in fact that when you watch someone running you don't notice it. What you will notice when you are in a nade dance with them (you know when you run into somebody and nade's start being tossed around and the one who pulls the pin first has the advantage) is that their nade's seem to be ready to explode just a little sooner than yours. This is the speed tweak set to about 1.15 or so.

Besides the above, speed cheats allow you to run right past mines without damage

So what do you do when someone is cheating, keep trying to beat them when they have a clear advantage and don't care as their just in the game to mess with people? Simple, leave the game - don't play against them. Having little more intelligence than a piece of dog turd they will go else where when no one will play with these poor darlings.

You have to know that people who use cheats were breast fed for waaay to long and are the definition of mommas boys.