IRON STORM                    

So now that your here have a look. I have included pages on the various cheats that several people like BMW .=DOA=. (a.k.a. Killer_BMW) and Candyman_Rabbits have been using in Iron Storm. A lot of people ask me to PROVE that these people are cheating and I have tried through the limited chat lines in the game to do just that. Unfortunately if I try telling people in the game how I know people cheat it gets confusing, if you play the game you know what the chat is like. So within this web site are explanations on how these people are getting one shot head kills from across the map with guns that are not even accurate within 10 feet. We all know the game has its quirks and will dish out one shot kills to every player on occasion. This is a direct contrast to those guys with aimbot's who will occasionally miss and normally get one shot kills every time.

The best way to defend against cheats is simply to not play against them. Like all morons, cheaters have small cranial cavities that contain equally small hunks of gray matter and are unable focus on anything for more than a short period of time. If everyone abandons them they will get bored and go back to playing Donkey Kong.

My intention here is to show you what the cheaters see and how they operate, then you can make a decision for yourself if they are cheating. I will not be offering here or through e-mail any of the cheats.

And for anyone who says "How do we know you don't use the cheats when your playing against us?", I say simply its because I keep getting my butt fragged and not the unrealistic scores of morons like Candyman_Rabbits. If you run a dedicated server ban the ISP of the cheaters. Its not tough to do, get a firewall that allows you to ban a certain IP or IP range. I was the one who brought booting to Iron Storm. Before this we had no option but to put up with the cheats or go play some pathetic game where you can't cook the nade's. I will be posting IP's of terminal game criminals soon so check back later for these. Check the How To Boot page for more info on this.