Can you say Candyman_Rabbits?

I'm sure you have had times when it's hard to explain how the other guy knew where to throw the nade or shoot through the roof/wall. It's because he knows exactly where you are. The wall hack I'm going to talk about here is not the spot in the tower on map 1 where people can actually move into the wall or amo cabinet and then be untouchable. That's a game glitch and not a hack. You don't need any program to do this, just know where and how to move.

Wallhack's are cheesy programs that peel away the payers of texture in a game. They allow you to see through walls, several layers of walls such as several buildings in a row, floors, roof's, ground, and anything else that gets in your way of seeing the map with out impediments. While it does allow you to see through walls it can be hard to navigate through maps and not get stuck trying to run through something you cant see is in the way like stacks of boxes. You must have a very good feel for the map to be able to run around and not look like a moron because you are always running into things.

Once you run the cheat its easy to see the others running it. When you are looking at a guy through four layers of walls and he's looking back at you and following you while your running, its not a coincidence. One other advantage beyond knowing where everyone is on the map, its very easy to spot mines. Click on the first link and you will see that I mean. The mines seem to hang in mid air because the walls and floors they are on don't show up.

Wall hack, count the mines
Wall hack can be confusing
Wall hack - See right through the wall and ground
Wall hack - Spot the player in the red circle?















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