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A lot of people ask me if Undies is a klan. The simple answer is sort of. I have had a large number of people take on the Undies name, especially when they get peeved with the way others run klans. Then for some reason they allow themselves to coerced back into the klan, ah well such is life. Notable previous short term members:

Naughty_Undies, Stretchy_Undies, Pro_Undies, Dirty_Undies, Rogue_Undies, Ripped_Undies, Kicked_Undies, Soiled_Undies, Edible_Undies, Cheatin_Undies, Dark_Undies, Monkies_Undies, and my favorite... Grannys_Undies.

It's odd but no one seems to take Undies seriously, could it be because we don't charge monthly dues or require new members to buy the T shirt? Playing online games is about having fun not about being part of a paramilitary outfit. Undies is all about fun. Who else could give you thong night with nade's?

Think you have what it takes to be an Undies? Send me a message at

TeamSpeak Minty Undies, open 24/7 with no password. I'm keeping the server open around the clock. I haven't designated this as a klan server, it's open to everyone.
























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