AIMBOT'S - Cant win against em
Aimbot throat shot - see where the cross hairs are? Look for the green box hit zone.
Aimbot head shot - see the three green boxes? Guess where the shots are going.

Can you say Candyman_Rabbits or Man_Go_France??

My biggest beef with game cheats is the aimbot. You can't win against a guy using an aimbot. The guys using aimbot's are the scum of the on-line gaming world. Typically they are no skill hacks who would rather spend a week trying to get a cheat working than spend a day improving their skill. The hack allows custom settings to make up for the lack of skill in the player. In some cases you only have to aim on the approximate area (you don't even have to have your cross hairs on the player) and the bot does the rest if you have set it to scan a large enough area. This takes a lot of CPU horse power. Once the bot has found the color or texture its scanning for it locks on and any shots fired will hit the mark guaranteed. The bot can even be set so that it auto fires when it scans and locks on a color/texture, no wasted amo this way not that you have to worry about amo with the other hack running. Aimbot's generally also have what are called un-randomizers. This portion of the program makes sure that every shot goes to the same spot, it takes the recoil away in other words.

You'll also notice that the guys with the one shot head kills have a high ping. While this would seem odd to most players, how someone with a high ping could have such a high kill rate, it's actually part of how the aimbot functions. By causing extra "lag" within the machine the cheater is on it allows the aimbot to function with a greater degree of accuracy. It's simple, the longer the texture (player skin) is in one spot the easier it is for the program to place its shot, then send the result to the server machine and then on to the other players computer which of course tells this player "your dead".

One thing that gets me is people who tell me that "There's no way he's running any cheats, I've gone through his computer and it's clean". This makes me laugh in a sad sort of way. These programs are not "Installed" programs in most cases. This is not the sort of thing you will find in the ADD/REMOVE programs section of the control panel. This being the case how can they say that someone's computer is "clean"? I can bury stuff so deep that I can guarantee that you will loose interest while looking before you ever have a chance of finding it.

Where do you find these programs? Don't ask me, I am not here to tell you where to get cheats. Get skill then come play me, I don't play against cheats and if I catch you cheating your ISP is banned, and not just in the one server you were in but all servers I run. That said, the programs are available if you know where to look or in some cases are willing to pay a few bucks to get them.

Don't waste your time with cheats, practice and have the satisfaction of being a skilled player not a wannabee player.

















This shot is a little more dramatic. The cross hairs are on her right elbow but look at the green head shot box. The shot is going into the green box which is a one shot kill, the elbow would be just a wound










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