Think of the IDIOT OF THE WEEK awards as the online gaming version of the Darwin Awards. There are so many people worthy of being acknowledged and I will do my best to get them all posted for you. Remember when you see something or some one worth laughing at get a screen shot and send it to
To get screen shots in IS use the standard Windows screen capture method, hit Alt + Prt Sc at the same time then hit ALT TAB to get back to Windows, open up and Ctrl V paste the shot into Microsoft Paint, save it as a jpg and attach to the e-mail.

April 21 2006
This weeks winner is ~G.T.O.~LilSeXxyMan. When you read through the screen shot you will see, and I quote "opinions dont lie". Well he/she/hermaphrodite or what ever it is, is sort of right, opinions are not capable of producing a lie but the people who spew the opinions can and very often do lie. Thank you LilSeXxyMan for the wisdom you impart, now go bury your head and do us all a favor and keep future revelations to yourself.