The maps below are simply edited (if you want to use the word simply considering what it takes for a non-programmer type to edit these things) versions of the maps in the game. To use them all you need to do is save them to a location on your hard drive. Then copy/paste them into the C:\Program Files\Dreamcatcher\Iron Storm\levels\multi\X. X being the multi player level that the map was meant for. In the case of the modified map3 paste it into C:\Program Files\Dreamcatcher\Iron Storm\levels\multi\isdm3. Then when you start the game through either the game interface or the dedicated server do as you would normally to create a game. When you copy/paste it, it will over write the existing default file so you may want to save the original file somewhere on your hard drive.

While these maps work they may have glitches, nothing that cant be lived with. In the DM Map3 (night sky or normal) every 20th or so re-spawn you may find yourself in the ether, in other words off the map. simply walk, fall, die and re-spawn back on the map. Dieing here wont count against you.

Map3 DM is the modified version with the night sky, map 3 TEAM DM is not modified but does have the night sky.





















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