U4EA – Join Us For A Hockey Sock Full Of Jocularity

Plus a little debauchery, chicanery, and friendly abuse…

Friday and Saturday nights are for retro gaming, CoD4, L4D2, or any game we generally all have and enjoy. Come join us in Discord or TeamSpeak and have a few laughs with those adult beverages.


We’ve been running many different game servers over the last 18 years, we still do, but now we’ve expanded into the Plutonium servers for BOII and MW3 versions. These allow people to get into the game with minimal fuss. You can view the servers we have currently, we’re adding so things will change, and in the future.
Check out PLUT BO2/MW3 – U4EA GAMING (u4ealounge.com)

We’re Adding Game Servers!

We’ve had well over a dozen game servers running for years but we’re adding new games plus a UK server so EU players can have lower latency. We’re still looking for suggestions from regulars and we’re also hoping to see new people joining us. We’re a mature community, some of us have been playing for almost 20 years. Come join us, jump into our discord and say hi.

New Game Servers


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