U4EA, Who We Are

How we got started and who we are now

The U4EA gaming community started back in late 2001. We originally used the name “Undies Clan” as the idea was that we wanted to be a fun community, not a hardcore always competing for something bunch of guys. And we did have fun. The clan name alone elicited a lot of hilarity. Our members got very creative with the names they use. We had Crunchy Undies, Skidmark Undies, Granny Undies, and our people had dozens of other names that we just plain fun. I say people because this was not an all guys exclusive bunch. At one time in addition to the regulars, we had over a dozen gals (they were a community) who joined us and kept everyone on their toes and laughing.

U4EA really got started while a pile of us were playing Iron Storm (still the best dang FPS shooter ever made) as Undies was getting called Undies 4 Ever and Always as it was a sentiment that our members agreed on, U4EA was easier (pronounced euphoria). We might go our separate ways for a time, but we’ll always be Undies!

We started so long ago that the first game we rocked was Age of Empires, the whole series, then came the Call of Duty series, Quake, Doom, and of course the UnReal series. At one point, we had members who were into every new game that launched. To give you a better idea of the games we goofed off in over the years, please visit this page that shows a good, but not complete, assortment.

While our current active numbers have dwindled in the last few years, it wasn’t that long ago we have people laughing with us from Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Holland, the UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Denmark, and at least half a dozen other countries. As happens in life, though, people need to take care of family first, so our number of active members goes up and down. There are times when people that haven’t been around for years jump back in, and it’s as if they never left. You see, we’re friends, not just people who compete together for a while.

So while we don’t have the number we used to back in 2010 or 2016, we still have a lot of laughs in Discord and TeamSpeak. Whenever life allows us, we still drag everyone we can find into some retro gaming on the weekends, games most of us own, and don’t take the newest processors and GPUs to play. You see, just like when we started, U4EA is about having a good time, not about “hardcore got to beat everyone in my way” attitudes.

If you’re looking for a place to hang and just enjoy being with people that share a love for gaming, then jump into our comms servers and say HI, then stick around and help us all do more laughing.

Check out our current servers HERE, we do change periodically as our member’s interests change.

Hope to see you around