U4EA – Join Us For A Hockey Sock Full Of Jocularity

Plus a little debauchery, chicanery, and friendly abuse…

Friday and Saturday nights are for retro gaming, CoD4, L4D2, or any game we generally all have and enjoy. Come join us in Discord or TeamSpeak and have a few laughs with those adult beverages.

BACK TO NORMAL – Whatever That Is

Ok, so some nasty stuff happened to the old website. Hopefully, we killed the vermin that messed with it and, just to be safe we’re going to keep Lee on a short leash. That may not work though since it’s rumored he likes leashes. Anyway… we’re back on track. Game servers are running, and we’re open for business plus we’re looking forward to some more extended fragging and laughing. Join us in Discord and bring along donuts.

We’re Adding Features!

Since the new site is capable of a lot more than the old one, good riddance to it, we’re going to see how much stuff we can cram into it. Because Minty isn’t the fasted guy on the planet when it comes to website building, it would be best ifin y’all drop by here regularly to see what he’s conjured up. If you’re in a position and have the inclination to help make this a better site, let us know. Also if there’s something you’d like to see added tell us!

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Wise Chat
Wife would kill Chat image
Mans best friend
Leeston G
I'm in!! =)
You don't get to say that often do you?
lol, you'd be surprised old man! haha
Anyone up for some spank the Tow Gunner in CoD4 this weekend since we're in lockdown and can't go anywhere!
Always lol
Lets get something organized for CoD4 this week or weekend. I connected with Tunnel and hes up for it!
I haven't forgotten this, will be on later today
Chat image