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U4EA in CoD4


We’ve been around since well before CoD4 was released, and because it’s a shooter, we were quick to get wrapped up in it. For a time, we had members who competed and did exceptionally well. One of the reasons this game has survived is the sheer number of people who saw it as a huge advancement in shooters and got hooked. It also proves to be hilarious when you’re playing with the right group of people like U4EA. Plus, the fact that pretty much any rig you have today will run the game at full graphics without hanging or lagging the whole machine makes this attractive, especially for those who can’t afford to upgrade their hardware.

The whole game, even including the mods and maps we run, takes up less than 8GB on a dive.


  The original DVD cover. Click to see full size

CoD4 and 5 Files

Star Wars Galactic Warfare Mod. Yes, it’s all lasers and hi-tech nades but the maps are detailed and a lot of fun! If you download the files, do not rename them after unzipping!

Download the zip file here and then copy to your CoD4 folder, mods, and unzip. Download  HERE  470Megs

You’ll also be better off if you download the Galactic Warfare maps, unzip and then copy them to your base CoD4 maps folder. If you connect the maps will download automatically but it will take longer Get the map pack  HERE   680Megs

The other mod we run currently is Gun Game. You start with a basic weapon and on every kill, you get a new higher power gun. As you graduate the last weapon you have is a knife. In order to win the round, you need a knife kill. Pretty hard to do when everyone else is weaponed up. By the way, every time you get killed you drop back to the previous weapon!

Download the mod file here. Copy it over to your CoD4 base mods folder and unzip.  HERE

If you purchased the game through Steam, it would have automatically updated, which is good and bad. The bad part is that the update won’t allow you to play on 90% of the servers that are out there. For some reason, they decided to include the 1.8 update, all of the older servers run on the 1.7 update.

To get around this, we have a multi-player .exe that you can download the file here. Unzip and then copy into the base CoD4 folder (rename the iw3mp.exe file that’s already there, do not replace it) and then start the game as usual. If you see this error while joining our servers, or 99% of the servers still running

For a better explanation watch this YouTube video by SoaR Rxqe

Download the zip file HERE

These are the official patches that we use on our servers. Please download and install if you don’t have them already.


Punk Buster Files for use on our servers. HERE
Unzip and then copy the files over to the respective folders under your CoD4 PB folder.

This zip file includes all of the maps we use. Both the Galactic Warfare and mod maps.


Unzip and copy paste into the – call of duty 4\usermaps folder. Then start the game and select the server we’re playing in. These maps will download through the game but this is far faster and when done this way there won’t be any download delay when joining the server


Download HERE

In case anyone is running servers and doesn’t have the means to control them, Modern Rcon is still a lightweight but full-featured program that doesn’t install all manner of useless files. It’s easy to set up and then configure for multiple serves. Just make sure you have set the RCON control password in the server’s config.cfg file.

Download, unzip and install.

ModernRcon 8

Almost Epic

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