To join us on our Exile Servers go to the link and download the game mod.
The other option is to download and then manually install the game mod file directly from
To join us on our Wasteland server either find our server through game browser or A3Launcher  and connect to any of our servers to automatically download required mods.
For Wasteland the other option is to download and install the files manually from
To download in game mods running on any of the servers connect to our servers using the in-game browser and download the mods required directly through Steam.
Our ARMA Servers can be found by searching U4EA in game browser or A3Launcher
The other way to find us is to add our IP and Port to direct connect in game multiplayer browser, the IP’s and ports are:
Current Exile Servers: [U4EA]Exile-Altis-PVE-NoobFriendly-BaseSpawn-150k-Loot+)