🧟 DayZ

We are currently running three DayZ servers that should provide a challenge for every level of player.
The first of which was set up to get the Vanilla experience on the most popular map, Chernarus.  On this server, you will find the game as it was “meant to be!”
The second server is at the opposite end of the spectrum, it is heavily modded with the best options available from the DayZ steam workshop community. This is hosting the classic Namalsk map using the Namalsk Survival mod and the Namalsk Overhaul edits.  The server is set up to be somewhere in the middle in terms of a challenge, rather than the “Harcore” mode we went with the more traditional setup. Along with high loot, an abundance of food and liquids and a fair amount of fire-power ready to be found, this server should be fun for even the newest of noobs.
Our third server is running and currently a work in progress (WIP) map that is being added to, and improved all the time. The Esseker map is well known from the ARMA 3 Day’s in Exile. We are running this server as Vanilla so that our players can enjoy the ride as it is updated along the way!
DayZ Server Monitors HERE
Check out the BATTLEMETRICS tracking for our NAMALSK server HERE and view the list of mods it’s currently running.