Win XP and Vista/7

If  you're installing Iron Storm on Windows XP or Vista/7, you will probably have issues getting it to go online and find servers. Iron Storm came out in the Windows 8/2000 days. How the game handles XP and Vista/7 sockets is what causes the problems. After installing the game you need to install the right patch, European or US - see the downloads page. Make sure you get the right one, there is a difference. Now before running the game please see the page on this site explaining how to fix the in game Server Browser. After installing the right patch and setting up your host file, start the game and go to the Multiplayer section, you'll need to search for servers,  Once you click on INTERNET the game will lock up on you and you will repeatedly hear part of the start up music loop over and over. As crazy as this sounds, what you need to do now is unplug the cable from your network card. Now wait.... wait.... wait.... eventually the game will unfreeze and return to normal. Now close the game, reconnect the cable to your network card and start the game after making sure you have internet service again, use your browser to go to a web site. Now when you go to search for servers on the internet, if you went through the in game server browser fix, it will come up with a list of available servers. Double click any one of them and your online. Iron Storm is a great game that you'll enjoy for a long time to come.