Game Server Browser Fix

Once you implement the fix below you'll see servers showing up within the in game server browser.

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In Game Multiplayer Server List Browser FIX...

Since GameSpy pulled the plug on all metaservers, the in game server list browser does not work.

GameSpy Goodbye Article:

There is a fix now with the help of the people who run All that's needed is to add a line to your hosts file using Notepad ( right click and then "Run as Administrator") or better yet Notepad++ which will automatically switch to admin when saving this file.

The image to the right shows what the stock host file looks like.

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The Fix:

Navigate to the Windows hosts file, located here: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
(Make sure to make a copy of your hosts file in case something goes wrong.)
Add the following line to the end of the file as shown in the image to the right.


You can also download a Host file with multiple game server fixes. Download direct from Qtracker, download link at the bottom of their page.

The file provided by Qtrackter has the full list for other old games that used to work with GameSpy. This file still works for Iron Storm.

This fix works for both servers created inside the game and dedicated servers.

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