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When Undies first started there were only three of us, now we have over 25 members and still growing.

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People have asked me what UNDIES stand's for. Undies stands for Underdogs. For your viewing pleasure I am including the following from Wikipedia.

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An underdog is a person or group in a competition, frequently in electoral politics, sports, and creative works, who is popularly expected to lose. The party expected to win is called the favorite or top dog. If the underdog wins, the event is known as an upset. These terms are commonly used in sports betting.

The origin of the word "underdog" comes from naval shipbuilding when the planks of wood were sawn for their construction. The logs of wood were placed over a pit on planks of wood called "dogs" (a bit like fire dogs). The senior sawsman stood on top of the plank and he was the overdog. The junior had to go into the pit and saw and of course he got covered in saw dust. He was the "underdog".

"Sympathy for the Underdog"

In a more broad sense, the term is used in reference to a social or ethnic group which suffers from discrimination, persecution and/or economic disability and which on that base gains the sympathy of public opinion in its own or other countries.

Such sympathy had often proved of crucial importance in the struggles of national liberation, civil rights and social justice movements, and such movements spend considerable efforts and sometimes significantly modify their tactics and strategy with the conscious aim of gaining this kind of sympathy.

The definition of a particular group as an "Underdog" or an "Overdog" might change considerably with time and circumstances. During the Boer War, the Afrikaners were widely perceived as the "Underdogs", a small people bravely defying the might of the British Empire (see Opposition to the Second Boer War). In the time of Apartheid, they came to be regarded as cruel racist oppressors, with the South African Blacks being the Underdogs.

Similarly, at its early stages the Zionist movement was widely regarded as representing an Underdog, i.e. Jews who were the target of persecution and Nazi genocide; the creation of Israel in 1948 was widely regarded as a victory for this Underdog. At present, however, Israel's forty-year long military hold over the Occupied Territories has made it seem by large parts of the Western public opinion as the oppressor, with the Palestinians now being the Underdog. For their part, speakers of the Government of Israel, in emphasizing the deadly impact of suicide bombings on Israeli society, seek in effect to prove that Israelis are still the Underdogs.

The depiction of a conflict in the mass media, especially on TV, greatly influences who would be seen as its "Underdog" and "Overdog". Consequently, participants in various conflicts often accuse the international media of "ignoring" or "undeplaying" the sufferings of their own side and "inflating" those of their opponents.

Victorious underdogs






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