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Generally you will find we have 4 servers up at any one time. Because GameSpy handles traffic for both games started in GameSpy and through the game console, if GameSpy crashes (which it does often) you can still use the game console to IP into these servers.

LMS - This server is up 24/7 and is the klan server, only one crash in the last two years:

We're always looking for new people with the right attitude.
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Booting by using Windows built in MMC Console.

This is provided by Gixxer. Thanx for taking the time to put this in text. The following instructions will allow you to boot people from your server without having to buy any firewall software.

Creating an ip security policy to block ip addresses from Gixxer (special thanks to TailGunner)

1. Go to start, run, and type MMC you will see the screen labeled step 1

2. Go to file at the top left and scroll down to add/remove snap in and click on it

3. The next box will appear click on add at the bottom left

4. Choose Ip Security Policy Management then click add

5. Another box will appear change nothinh here and click finish

6. After clicking finish simply close out the Add standalone snap in box and click ok on the Add remove snap in box

7. You should see the Ip security policies on local pc on left (picture step 6) double click on it

8. You will now see 3 items on the right, but we want to right click on "Ip security policies on local pc" on the left

9. Click on the top setting " Create ip security policy"

10. Click next, name it Iron Storm and leave description blank then click next, leave the box checked click next again (step 10)

11. Leave everything as is here click next, say yes after you click next, leave edit properties checked and click finish

12. A new box will pop up change nothing and click add, click next, change nothing click next again, change nothing click next again, yet again change nothing click next again, click on yes, you will then be at step 17

13. At the security rule wizard click on the add button do not check any of the circles, on the Ip filter list name it Iron Storm, then click add

14. Click next, filter wizard (ip traffic source) leave it on MY IP ADDRESS, click next

15. On the ip traffic destination window change this to a specific ip address, you must fill in all the 0's to 1's and leave the subnet mask alone then click next

16. On the ip protocol type leave it on any click next, be sure to check the edit properties box then click finish

17. At the filter properties window go to description ( this is where you put the name of the player you boot) for now name it empty, click ok then ok again. to put multiple players that have been booted you need to make a slot for each player, simply repeat from # 13 to # 17.

18. You want to check the circle beside iron storm then click next, here you will click on add, then next, again name it Iron Storm and leave the description blank then click next, on this screen you want to choose BLOCK, then click next, DO NOT check the edit properties box and click finish

19. Choose the Iron Storm circle then click next, UNCHECK the edit properties box then click finish, then close the Iron Storm Properties box, you will then be to the step 29 picture

20. You need to right click on the Iron Storm on the right and choose ASSIGN, then go to file, save as, leave the default name of console 1, click save, and you are done.

21. To use the program go to start, run, type mmc, then go to file, open, console 1, then you will double click on Iron Storm on 3 seperate occasions to get to the screen in step 31. this is where you can double click on the empty booter at the bottom and put in the players ip address you would like to boot, also don't forget to change the description to the players name. once you have the players name and ip address in simply click OK then OK again to lock it in and watch them disappear.

22. You can also create as many of the "empty" boot files as you would like to save time when you need to boot.

Hope it helps your Iron Storm adventure be a good one!

Thanx Gixxer

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