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Any time you download something you should be scanning it for Torjans and Viruses. If your not, well it's only a matter of time before something bad ends up on your machine. I suggest using NOD32 by ESET. Its the fastest and easiest antivirus to use and it's easy on your computer resources




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SEE ANYTHING YOU LIKE HERE, DOWN LOAD IT - I've collected a lot of stuff - Maps, Patches, Skins, Programs, Mods, and all sorts that may be of use to others as well so in no particular order you can find some of it here. I suggest you run a virus scan on anything you download for your own piece of mind. I don't get off on viruses and other computer crap but just so that you can't say you downloaded something from me that contained a malicious program, scan it before running it.

NotePad++ - NotePad On Steroids BattleZone CTF
Unreal maps Quake III Skins
Game Patches Quake III Maps
CoD Maps and Mods Unreal 2004 Maps
Doom 3 Demo Game CD Protection ID Program
Web Site Log Analyzer MySql-essential-5.0.27
3D TraceRoute MySql-gui-tools-5.0-r6
CesarFTP Server Windows Startup Disk (Copy to a Floppy)
Control Windows Startup Web Reaper
Matrix Screen Saver PHP Nuke 8.0
010 HEX Editor FRAPS Video Capture
COMM View 5.0 Nostromo N52 IS Profile
EasyPing Alcohol120_trial_1.9.6.4629
Cloney XXL Copy Protection Identifier PDF Producer
CORE FTP Download Client UnReal 2004 Pure Anit Cheat
Windows Startup Control TeamSpeak Server
IP Grabber TeamSpaek Client
Multi Monitor Task Bar ZMatrix Screen Saver (Matrix Theme)
Audacity Audio Manipulation Software Net Meter LAN Activity Monitor
Belkin Nostromo N52 64Bit Drivers (BETA)

20 PHPBB Templates

Nostromo N523 Iron Storm Template LAN Speed2 Conection Monitor
InfrView ICO Maker and Image Handler Roger Wilco Game Chat Program
Windows Reg Clean Xtra-Sniffer IP and name Logger

Audio Program Test

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