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Go to our clan forum and see if any one else has had the same problem or post the question yourself. There are a lot of very smart people playing the game
and someone should be able to help HERE.

Do you like Iron Storm so
much you want it on your
desk top?
We can help, there is a selection
of the original wallpaper and
early concept drawings HERE.

#Newest Maps Available
It's not easy modifying maps for Iron Storm, darn near impossible in fact. If you want to give is a go click on the link below to find out how to start.
We have the IS patches. You can get them HERE





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Its where Undies started over 4 years ago. It's a great game but it never got the coverage it should have. The developers folded before they could give us any tools to make modifications or maps. It's also not as flashy as some games with wild outer space graphics and it is faster in action then a lot of the newer games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield 1942, all great games in and of themselves but they don't have the action IS does.

There are fortunatley two patches that were released before all support was dropped in this game. One for North America and one for Europe. You can click on the links below to start downloading them. We also have a demo game and trailer for download. And of you need somethign else to spend your time on there is the original IRON STORM SHOOT Flash game to play with.
Klan Forum is open - The forum is for more then just klan members. We have information that can be of help to every player and everyone is invited to add comments or questions. We've never had an very active forum for Iron Storm, probably because there was never anyone activley promoting it. Drop in and let us know what your thinking.
LOTs OF INFORMATION, PICTURES, AND FILES There is a ton of Iron Storm stuff in this website. Have a look around and download what you like. If you have picked up some thing IS related and dont see it here send it to me, I'll be happy to post it and make it available for others.

A sampling of what we do.

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