October 18, The Hosting Comany Is Finally Moving The PVE Server To a New Machine. As Such The Server Will Be Off Line For A bit.

We've now set up a Discord server in addition to the TeamSpeak server. https://discord.gg/wh2XZNg
Take your pick and join us.

We want to hear from you about some alternative ideas on how to misuse the servers. We're talkin silly stuff like Zombie Go-Kart Night in the Exile Server or Nade's n Knive's Only in the CoD 4 servers. No there aren't any prizes besides bragging rights and don't ask, just GO PLAY.

Go HERE  and let us know your thoughts.

Gaming is about having fun and for most of us that means being able to laugh so hard that there's a little peeing involved. With admins in the server the possibilities for ongoing hilarity is endless as things can be re-spawned, players can be transported and all manner of stupidity can be created all in the name of doing something out of the ordinary. So don't be shy, click the link above and in the forums let us know what you'd like to see.

Round #2... And things aren't getting any more intelligent surprise

ARMA III, Tanoa map is a beauty
Tanoa Map

We primarily use TeampSpeak for voice.

We now do Discord.

GTX Game Servers


Over the years, the group has been around since 2002, we've managed to get involved in a lot of different games. Below are three vid's that show the kind of gaming we're into. They also allow you gain insight into what our TeamSpeak is like when we get together for an evening or fragging.

U4EA TF2 Hi Jinx


U4EA CoD 4